17 days again

Day 3

The spicy chicken soup or whatever it is, was a hit. Everyone at worked loved it. Even made some more for lunch tomorrow, minus the jalapenos since I ran out of them. 

I’m disappointed in E. She already threw in the towel after about two days. The girl may be skinny but she has no will power whatsoever. I guess that’s an added bonus of being skinny, you get the option of not caring to diet if you want. Or at least it seems that way. Anyway, I’m sorely disappointed that she couldn’t stick it out longer.

Breakfast and lunch: the spicy chicken soup, side of spinach w/o dressing, cucumbers and a yogurt

Dinner: seasoned ground turkey with tomatoes on top of a bed of spinach (it was weird haha) and oyster mushroom and squash blossom soup

Snack: Yogurt

M and P are seeing about a 4-5 pound weight loss so far. I’ve only dropped 2 pounds. Pretty sure I’m eating a lot more than them. I definitely need to get back into regular work outs again. With the 17, I guess you’re not supposed to do strenuous exercising since the calorie intake is so small. The diet suggests walking and at least 17 minutes of it. Need to get back into that as well. It could just be in my head but I’ve noticed a slight decrease in tummy size for now and even my fingers are looking even more dainty and slimmer. Like I said, probably all in my head. I’m really proud of myself because I haven’t even craved eating rice yet. Really proud. Last time I was missing it like crazy and it was the hardest part of the diet for me.¬†Today was actually pretty great as far as cravings go. Anyway, off to bed since it’s past midnight and I’ve got to get up for work in less then four hours. Just had to blog about the day cause I think it’s helping me keep myself accountable for my actions even if no one but P is reading it, if even. Night.